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Security Token Network will scope your STO project, prepare you to fundraise and pitch, and Coinlaw will define your legal architecture,



We are startup founders, we know your pain. We’ll join your team and deliver solutions. From investment banking, to venture capital, to token sales, we’ve lived and breathed it.



Leveraging broad fundraising expertise and a curated Asian investment network, we can introduce your STO to select and highly qualified investors.

Benefits of Tokenized Securities

Investor Liquidity

Investors are traditionally locked-up on average for 8 years. Secondary markets allow investors to get an early exit, increasing the attractiveness of a security token backed digital asset.

Fairer Valuation

Greater liquidity for investors translates into higher valuations for startups. Investment exit costs for investors their selling securities are reduced.

Access Global Capital Markets

Access to a global capital pool and diversified investor profile can drive a faster raise, and create opportunities in new markets.

Incentives Structure

Architect cost-efficient incentives to increase the chance of a successful sale. Automate dividend payments, revenue shares, lock-ups, product discounts, and create innovative new token economics models.

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology provides greater trust and transparency for all participants, with investment contract terms and future company plans, and regulatory compliance coded into the digital smart contracts. With stablecoins ringfence capital and create new funding models.

Time & Cost Saving

Automate cap table management, record keeping, reporting, and audit. Vastly reduce the time your team spends on investment related administrative tasks during and after the STO.

No Middleman

Raise capital without high broker dealer or FA fees. Traditionally after the fundraise each share transfer incurs management costs, however this is disintermediated by the removal of the transfer-agent and custodial middlemen.


Secondary markets enable micro-ownership of assets increasing brand awareness, ownership, and community. This was previously impossible due to the heavy burden of manual administration.

Regulator Aligned

Security tokens adhere to existing laws and regulations, with global regulators and stock exchanges actively developing and implementing the technology.

Working With Security Token Network

Proven Team

Our team have built trading systems that handle trillions of dollars, founded startups, worked for $500m VCs, ran PE funds and token sales, and been partners at global law firms.

Your Extended Team

You need more than just a to-do list following a conference call. We're delivery focussed. Expect progress.
Meet The Team

Partner Ecosystem

We’ll connect you with the best and most suitable partners, whilst remaining completely transparent.


Our partners are our extended team. We collaborate on everything from industry standards and working groups, to events and client projects.

Global Legal Coverage

Through our sister company Coinlaw, we are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased guidance on the most suitable jurisdictions for your STO.

Blockchain Legal Network

Coinlaw is the leading blockchain legal network, with partners and correspondents around the world.
Coinlaw Merger

The STO Journey

Phase One


Timeline, resourcing, costs, and delivery plan


Assess business fundamentals and fundraising goals


Engage with vendors to facilitate the process

Token Model

Define tokenomics and mechanics

Distribution Plan

Define legal strategy for marketing the STO

Token Issuance

Engage with an issuance platform and define governance models

Contract Review

Review existing investment contracts

Pitch Deck

Gain early stage feedback from investors and stakeholders

Phase Two


Application with securities agencies for registration / exemption in relevant jurisdictions

Legal Milestones

Legal and custodial work completed

Fundraising Plan

Define target investor and target jurisdictions

Banking Services

Ensure bank supports deposits from an STO fundraise


Investor KYC/KYB processes that protect the STO team

Marketing Execution

Begin marketing execution and experiments

Phase Three


Depending on exemptions, start sale in permitted jurisdictions

Secondary Markets

Select security token exchange and liquidity provider

Private Sale

Started and broker-dealer partner engaged

Token Transfer

Token issued and wallets enabled

Close Sale

Governance, reporting, audits, and accounts


Initiate on-going management processes

Global Media Network

The First STO Platform

Security Token Network launched in July 2018 as the first listing, news, and research site. We've built a global social following across 30+ networks, and curated subscriber list.

Pitch Sessions

Business Fundamentals

Pitch on the Security Token Podcast or in an article Q&A. Our goal is simple: transparency and credibility. We also host pitch sessions around the world and our clients win competitions.
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When Is The Right Stage?

Do you have a product, customers, revenue, and growth? If you are pre-revenue, traditional angel investment routes may be better than an STO.

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