Tokeny and Security Token Network Form Strategic Partnership To Deliver STO’s

December 6th, 2018. Tokeny and Security Token Network today announced a partnership to help deliver security token offerings (STOs) and promote broader industry adoption. The partnership symbolizes their shared belief in the compliant issuance of tokenized securities.

The two companies will work closely to provide an end-to-end STO service, whilst working to address the current complexity and inaccessibility of STO’s. Tokeny will provide its clients with token issuance solutions including token management, deployment, and governance. Security Token Network will provide these clients with the planning, project execution, marketing, and fundraising needed in a STO.

Luc Falempin, Tokeny CEO commented, “Working with partners such as Security Token Network helps us to achieve our vision and help bring mass adoption to security tokenization. It takes time for traditional players to recognize new technologies but by creating awareness that there is another, much faster, cheaper and reliable way of issuing and managing securities we are helping to drive wider adoption.”

Security Token Network’s mandate is to accelerate the mass adoption of security tokens. They achieve this through their network by publishing unbiased and quality industry analysis. With a background in venture capital, institutional finance, and blockchain, they help startups with strong fundamentals needed when launching a STO.

We’ve been closely collaborating with the Tokeny team on a number of initiatives, and they’ve been great to work with at every level. What really captured our attention was their focus on lifecycle management and corporate governance. They’re in this for the long-game and deliver significant value post-STO. It’s early days in the industry, yet we’re already working on deal flow together. ” Richard Foster, Founder at STN.

About Tokeny

The Luxembourg based fintech company is the market-leader in delivering an institutional grade, secure end-to-end platform, allowing for the issuance and servicing management of tokenized securities.

Tokeny utilizes their proprietary T-REX (Token for Regulated EXchanges) infrastructure to ensure compliance from the issuance of tokenized securities to their lifecycle management. Tokeny provides technical solutions to onboard investors, manage corporate actions such as dividends, voting, and announcements. Their solutions ensure continuity with regards to KYC and AML compliance checks, ensuring all participants are eligible for the investment.

Tokeny’s solution leverages blockchain technology and couples it with decades of experience from the traditional securities world. Tokeny utilizes this background to make the participation of any contributor in a security token offering transparent, accessible, and completely secure. | [email protected] | LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram

About Security Token Network

Based in London and Shanghai, Security Token Network launched in July 2018 and is the leading platform for high-quality, unbiased security token industry analysis and news.

Founded by entrepreneurs and VC’s the company’s goal is to drive mass-adoption through their media platform, and solution agnostic consulting services. STN connects STO projects with ecosystem key players, investors and partners.

For additional comments from Security Token Network please contact [email protected] STN logos can be downloaded here.

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