Swarm and Security Token Network Partner To Deliver Commoditized STOs and Drive Transparency

January 22nd, 2019Swarm and Security Token Network today announced a partnership to deliver security token offerings (STOs) on the Swarm platform. In addition the two companies will collaborate to drive forward security token industry standards and transparency.


Security Token Network will leverage Swarm’s proven security token issuance protocol to deliver commoditized and low-cost STO solutions to their clients. Swarm is one of few issuance platforms who can claim to have delivered a successful STO. Most recently TheArtToken raised more than $16m on Swarm.


Philipp Pieper, Swarm Co-Founder & CEO, commented, “We’ve been working closely with the Security Token Network team on their WhiteDeck initiative as well as on integration points with our products. They share our goals of driving trust and adoption using trustless technology, and we believe that Security Token Network have the capability to deliver an STO whilst navigating the surrounding complexity.”


Security Token Network’s mandate is to accelerate the mass adoption of security tokens through their media network and consulting services. With a background in venture capital, institutional finance, corporate law, and blockchain, the team manage STOs through the planning and delivery process.

We’re building out a full-stack STO service, and with that we need issuance partners who can support a wide variety of client needs. What initially attracted us to Swarm was the low-cost of token issuance and also their usage of the Stellar blockchain. As we worked with the team it became apparent that they are closely aligned with large financials to build a platform that has the feature set to support digital assets at any scale.” Richard Foster, CEO at STN.

About Swarm

Swarm is a non-profit providing open infrastructure for the creation, issuance, and transfer of digital securities. Having built a marketplace for investors to discover and access formerly exclusive asset classes like real estate funds and private equity, Swarm empowers you to invest alongside others, forming a Swarm that collectively meets minimum funding requirements to participate in these investment opportunities. Swarm has created Market Access Protocol, an open source, decentralized system for the safe and compliant purchase and transfer of digital securities within and across blockchains.

Guided by the values of inclusion and disintermediation, Swarm builds tools that remove barriers between investors and investments. Providing needed infrastructure for compliance and compatibility, Swarm brings efficiency and access to the multi-trillion dollar securities and private equity sectors, enabling the space and all market participants to flourish.

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About Security Token Network

Located in London and Shanghai, Security Token Network launched in July 2018 as the first security token news platform and the first security token offering and ecosystem listing site. It is the leading platform for high-quality, unbiased security token industry analysis and news.


Founded by entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporate lawyers, the company’s goal is to drive mass-adoption through their media network and solution agnostic consulting services. STN connects STO projects with ecosystem key players, investors and partners.

For additional comments from Security Token Network please contact [email protected]. STN logos can be downloaded here.