Dutch Computer Manufacturer Ockel Computers Pioneering STO Offering To Finance Innovation

The Security Token Offering (STO) has gained traction in the Netherlands. A recent press release indicates Ockel Computers is the first Dutch company to pioneer the STO fundraising format.

Ockel Computers is a computer hardware maker that specializes in making computers that fit in users’ pockets. In particular, they work with technology giants like Intel and Microsoft to produce machines that meet international quality standards.

Interestingly, the firm is no stranger to the crowdraising model. In fact, “since the start of the company in 2015, Ockel Computers has financed all its product innovations through crowdfunding.”

Ockel Computers pioneering STO to increase funding scope.

Ockel Computers appreciates that blockchain technology is reshaping the business landscape. Particularly, companies that launch STO are empowered to raise funding without over-reliance on cultivating a lead investor. In essence, the technology is making it possible for companies like Ockel to innovate while remaining mostly autonomous.

Their press release on the matter highlights their views: an “STO is a new way of investing that is safer, regulated and gaining momentum.” Therefore, as much as it relates to blockchain technology, STO is different from boom-bust initial coin offerings (ICO). Specifically, an STO gives the buyer a real share in the company. It means that an STO holder enjoys many of the same rights and benefits of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) holder.

As a result, the STO falls under the purview of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).


In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine NL (Dutch), Ockel Ceo and founder Tim Haaksma assessed:

“There is still no existing ecosystem of STOs in the Netherlands. Besides our cooperation partner ByeleX a technology company from Noord-Brabant, no other Dutch company brings a security token on the market. That is exciting, but as a new form of financing, we firmly believe in this.”

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