Stephane Gosselin, Protocol Architect at NUMERAI, and co-author of ERC1400

In this episode of Security Token Podcast, Richard Foster talks to Stephane Gosselin, Protocol Architect at NUMERAI – an organization incentivizing the construction of an artificial intelligence hedge fund with Numeraire, a cryptographic token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask Stephane some pressing questions, including:

  • What are security token standards and why are they important?
  • Can you walk us through some common features?
  • Can you talk us through some of the more complex features?
  • Are there any impossible features?!
  • A cynic might say that every many companies in the industry want to launch a standard to be seen as the thought leader (and then to a degree own the community). Do you think this is accurate?
  • Who are the key players with technology standards? From token issuance companies, to exchanges and secondary markets, to compliance?
  • Do you see portability between different blockchains or standards? E.g. I issue on Ethereum with Polymath then swap to Swarm because I want to access an otherwise unavailable secondary market?
  • How do you see permissioned chains working (permissioned chains meaning operated by one centralized entity or a consortium, such as a group of banks)?
  • Do you think we’ll see different blockchains serving different purposes? E.g. blockchains supporting very high transaction rates or complex compliance? Kind of like how different programming languages serve different purposes.
  • Do you think that public blockchains are too transparent? For example, I don’t want my competition to track every transaction, especially if they can link back to accredited wallets? Are we likely to see partially private blockchain solutions?
  • Can you give us two visions of where the industry will be in five years? 1.) realistic use case, what is likely to happen. 2.) super optimistic / visionary.

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