Michael Moll, Co-Founder and CPO of Reitium Talking About Tokenizing Real Estate Assets

We talk with technology and community-obsessed visionary, Michael Moll.

He has launched three successful startups in the last decade. He grew up in Kenya and came to Canada on a full scholarship to study Marketing & Business in Vancouver, Canada in 2008.

His expertise in marketing, business and technology led him on the path to co-creating Reitium, an asset-backed blockchain real estate investment marketplace.

At 28, Michael is just getting started on his journey to educating millennials and investors on the power of smart contracts and real estate investing.

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The Agenda

Ivan asks Michael some pressing questions:


  • Where do you position Reitium – retail or commercial?


  • Security tokens are widely seen as a liquidity play, or as a technology to drive cost reductions? Could you talk us through how this could work with a property owner and investor?


  • Do you think a homeowner will be able to tokenize their property, and enable instant use of that collateral, for example with a loan?


  • Do you see STOs as enabling a retail investor $25 in a property on the other side of the world? Is this a bigger play better suited to large commercial buildings, or both and everything in-between?


  • How do you deal with the custodial aspects of holding property titles?


  • How can people trust the custodian and technology? Is it possible that something could go wrong and the token is somehow disconnected from the asset?


  • I see you are building on the HyperLedger blockchain. Why HyperLedger and not a public chain?


  • What are the the challenges to consider when setting up a property STO? Is it complex digital asset from a compliance perspective?


  • Could taxation be challenging with regards to secondary markets?


  • What milestones does the industry need to make this year and next year for large scale adoption?


  • Do you see other ruse cases for blockchain that could benefit the real estate industry?

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