Discussing Security Tokens, Regulation, and Capital Markets with Neil Foster and Daniel Green from Baker Botts

In this episode of Security Token Podcast, we discuss STOs, secondary markets, tax, regulation, and capital markets with Neil Foster and Daniel Green from international law firm Baker Botts.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask some pressing questions, including:


  • As an international law firm, with an interest in your clients closing deals for your clients, what benefits do you see with STOs?  For example; increased capital, liquidity, and automations?
  • In the private markets, where do you see STOs sitting? For example crowdfunding v2, IPO v2, or even an SME play?
  • You are working directly with the FCA, HMRC, and other government bodies in the UK. Do you think the government is managing the opportunity, and are they moving fast enough?
  • You have previously suggested that tax could be the elephant in the room. What tax challenges could STOs bring?
  • As the industry becomes more established, how do you see smaller and more dynamic jurisdictions like Malta and Gibraltar fairing against large financial hubs like London and New York?

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