Discussing Compliance, KYC, STOs & Blockchain With Ed Zabar From Verif-y

Wall Street veteran and blockchain guru Ed Zabar, CEO of Verif-y Inc. gives his insights on KYC, KYB, compliance, blockchain, STOs and fundraising.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask some pressing questions, including:

  • You did an ICO, but refunded the funds because you didn’t think it aligned with your business goals? That’s a very sincere thing to do!


  • You cut your teeth in Wall Street, but you’ve been around the crypto industry for a while. How have you seen things evolve and where is the industry going?


  • With the shift from ICO to STO we’re seeing a shift from retail investors (crowdsales) to private investors. Do you foresee a shift from bulk KYC services to more complex “accredited investor” services?


  • Many of the people we speak to think STO is an institutional play, however a great opportunity that ICOs introduced was opening up investment to retail investors and building communities. Do you think that this will happen with STOs or is there too much regulatory burden?


  • There is much talk about putting KYC on a blockchain and the user owning it? Is that a threat to you, as the more matches you get the more profitable you are?


  • A big selling point with security token offerings is access to global capital. For a KYC company that must be a double edged sword:
    • GOOD: Potentially a much larger and global client base.
    • BAD: Increased complexity by needing to understand KYC/AML laws in dozens of jurisdictions


  • If I’m running an STO, do you take off any of the legal burden? I.e. if based on the law in the US and UK an STO decides they will only allow a certain investor type, and you sign off on that investor through your systems, do I offset the risk to you?


  • Do you have any advice for an STO team looking for a KYC company? What should they look for, what questions should they be asking?


  • What excites you about this new direction the blockchain industry is taking?

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