An Interview With Nelson Chu and Prath Reddy from Cadence – The Debt Securitization Platform

In this episode of Security Token Podcast we talk about securitizing debt with Nelson Chu, Founder and CEO of Cadence and Prath Reddy, Director of Capital Markets and Risk at Cadence.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask Nelson Chu and Prath Reddy from Cadence some pressing questions, including:

  • Please introduce Cadence, and can you briefly explain what structured debt is?
  • Could you explain a use case, for example, why and how a company would use your platform?
  • You say you’re providing alternative investments for all – what is the profile of investors on your platform?
  • What traction do you have so far, have you launched any STOs?
  • What blockchain technology do you use? Do you foresee any privacy issues, for example all transactions being publicly viewable by third parties or competitors?
  • Security tokens are a liquidity play right? How do secondary markets work for structured debt?
  • What kind of regulatory or legal challenges have you faced? What jurisdictions do you operate in?
  • Do you feel threatened by institutional finance, or is that your exit strategy?
  • What’s your revenue model and do you require any licenses to charge fees?
  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Where do you think the industry will be in two years’ time?

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