An Interview With Julian Kwan, CEO of InvestaCrowd – The Securities Investment Platform

In this episode of Security Token Podcast, Maciek Klimowicz talks to Julian Kwan, CEO of InvestaCrowd, one of the first platforms in Asia to publicly launch security tokens backed by high-quality US institutional real estate assets.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask Julian Kwan from InvestaCrowd some pressing questions, including:


  • Please introduce yourself and InvestaCrowd?
  • Whilst you position yourself as a broad STO solution provider, most of your traction so far has been within real-estate. Do you think that real-estate is the sweet spot for security tokens at this stage of the industry?
  • Security tokens are widely seen as a liquidity play. Could you talk us through how this could work with a property owner and investor?
  • In addition to liquidity, what other benefits do security tokens bring to the real-estate industry?
  • What have lessons have you learnt, good and bad, based on your experiences so far about running real-estate STOs?
  • At what stage do you think the industry is with regards to infrastructure development? In April 2019 we are waiting for exchanges to work through regulatory challenges.
  • Do you think we’ll ever see retail adoption? I.e. where a homeowner can tokenize their property, and enable instant use of collateral, for example with a loan?
  • Do you think that one day an investor in the US will be able to access and invest in fast moving new economies, for example a new business park in South East Asia?
  • With the speed that business moves in Asia, are you in the best place?
  • You’ve been in the blockchain industry for a long time, what changes have you seen over the past couple of years, and what impact have those changes had on the industry?
  • What keeps you awake at night?

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