An Interview With Benjamin Hauser, CEO of HyperLink Technology – Blockchain Tech and Security Tokenization

In this episode of Security Token Podcast, Richard Foster talks to Benjamin Hauser, CEO of HyperLink Technology, about their tokenization solution, why equity tokens need a lot more thought, and other industry insights.

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The Agenda

In this podcast we ask Benjamin Hauser from HyperLink Technology some pressing questions, including:

  • There are many token issuance solutions, some costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some costing a few thousand dollars through the use of utility tokens. Where does HyperLink sit compared to others?
  • You say you are deal focussed and not compliance focussed – what does that mean? Compliance is an absolutely essential area of focus right?
  • You support certificated and book-entry securities. Firstly, can you explain what each of these are, and then why they are important to your STO solution?
  • Your primary market is equities, so what are your killer features that nobody else is doing?
  • The provability of the blockchain is great, yet the transparency is a deal killer for many. Why would I want my competitor to see every share transfer and (with a bit of digging) be able to get some useful insights on shareholders – how do you solve this?
  • You say you have a shared KYC registry, however would that not expose STOs to second hand data? For example, I run an STO and don’t perform the KYC myself, the last guy made a mistake – who is liable?
  • Do you think it’s a race to the bottom with token issuance? Similar to cloud computing, online payments, many SaaS services, etc. Once the tech is mature, it’s going to be very hard to justify charging hundreds of thousands of dollars and solutions will become commoditized.
  • Part of your business model is providing consulting services. There must be close to 100 STO consulting companies, all offering (or at least claiming to offer) end-to-end / full stack consulting services. How do you compete with them? What’s your differentiator?
  • You’re a US company with a US centric solution, do you plan to offer services in other jurisdictions?
  • I know in many of our private conversations you’ve joked that “they’re going to jail for that”! Without naming any names, what kind of activities do you think will result in jail time?
  • Do you think ICOs will come back? There are use cases for decentralized networks and rewards systems?

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