Security Token Roundtable – Institutional Adoption Webinar with Investment Bank BTG Pactual

14th May - 7am Mexico / 9am Miami / 10am Sao Paulo / 2pm London / 9pm Hong Kong

The CEOs of investment banks don’t tweet about their security token ambitions, however, behind the scenes rapid progress is already being made.

The Security Token Roundtable – Institutional Insights webinar, hosted by Liqua, Security Token Network, DL Capital Partners, GSX, and PwC.

We go behind the scenes with 
BTG Pactual, the Latin America leading investment bank with more than US$150B AUM and the first big bank globally to issue a Security Token Offer (STO), the ReitBZ.

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14th May - 7am Mexico / 9am Miami / 10am Sao Paulo / 2pm London / 9pm Hong Kong

We will be asking pressing questions, including:

  • Why traditional players are entering into the digital assets market?
  • How they are entering this market?
  • How they see the market is evolving?
  • What are the challenges they face to innovate into digital assets and how they are overcoming?
  • Difference between IPO and STO?
  • The benefits of STO?
  • The perception of the STO industry today?

This private webinar with limited capacity, therefore, we are limiting to the following audience:

  • Family Offices Managers
  • Traditional financial institutions
  • Real estate investors
  • Hedge funds managers
  • Crypto funds
  • Brokers/Dealers