Security Token Issuers – The Complete List

Security Token Issuers form an essential part of the security token ecosystem by providing legal frameworks, KYC/AML, as well as token setup and deployment services.


Who are the movers and shakers? Here is our curated list of the leading token issuance companies that look to underpin the STO ecosystem. Click on each company for a more detailed analysis.

The Complete List



Own is a blockchain-based financial asset tokenization platform, designed to provide significant benefits to equity capital markets through disintermediation of legacy market practices. Our purpose is to change the current global equity market by connecting issuers directly to investors and remove much unnecessary complexity and costs of intermediation.


Neufund provides an end-to-end solution for asset tokenization and issuance. Its open-source set of protocols for enhanced ownership allows anyone to give real-world assets a representation on the Ethereum Blockchain in form of legally-binding security tokens.


TokenMarket's blockchain based platform enables exciting technology startups to raise capital faster. Having raised over £240m for its clients, TokenMarket have done so by providing global everyday investors access to early stage opportunities alongside VCs and Angel investors. Further powering the platform are the securities exchanges in Malta and Dubai, encouraging faster liquidity in the market for security token offerings


Prometheum, Inc. is creating the necessary blockchain securities infrastructure for a tokenized securities ecosystem. The Prometheum Network will serve as the smart contract enabled blockchain where all tokenized securities processes will occur - from issuance to trading through clearing and settling.


AnyPay Inc., offer a one-stop advisory service, including legal and accounting advice, PR/marketing and token development, to help companies to design, structure and execute their ICO projects successfully.


OKTO provide a fully documented RESTful API extending interactions between issuers, transfer agents, exchanges, investors and tax professionals.


Harbor is the compliance platform for tokenizing private securities such as real estate, company equity, investment funds, fine art, and more.


All real-world assets are going to be tokenized. We are a fintech company that utilizes new technologies to expand the frontiers of traditional financing


Stocken is an international fintech company with a mission to enable issue stocks on blockchain by corporate issuers and circulation of such stocks among qualified investors on OTC Stocken Board. Through its platform, Stocken organizes the issue of security tokens, which helps corporates to attract capital, while giving investors the opportunity to invest in companies at pre-IPO stage and make investment through a potentially liquid instrument that protects them from infrastructural shortcomings of classical securities and offers additional security of storage, confidentiality and convenience of settlements.


Zerion is a fintech company with an expertise in creating blockchain-based applications. We have experience in smart contract development on Ethereum blockchain and our focus is on executing ICOs.


The PrefLogic Platform gives ANYONE the ability to Tokenize ANYTHING with future profit potential or value.


SECURITonomy allows the complete issuance and management of tokenized securities and is based in Malta, one of the industry’s most progressive jurisdictions.


Blackmoon delivers fully automated trading strategies 24 hours a day. They do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is click, invest, trade.


Securrency offers clients a streamlined issuance process, global identity and wallet proofing, an API and abstraction layer in addition to an enhanced liquidity model.


HighCastle – is an online investment marketplace for private securities and other alternative investments, driven by distributed ledger technology. HighCastle enables investors to make investments in private companies, hedge funds, bonds, loans, property and variety of other investment opportunities. HighCastle`s proprietary API sources these opportunities from technology-enabled online platforms (P2P, P2B, crowdfunding platforms and other trusted channels outside of the traditional banking system).


Abacus is an administration platform for tokenized securities.


The Polymath network connects token investors, KYC providers, smart contract developers and legal experts who help form the basis of your securities token.


STOKR is an accessible and easy to use peer-to-peer interface that allows innovative ventures to raise funds from everyday investors in order to finance forward-thinking ideas, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. STOKR provides a web-based interface that will allow ventures to present their businesses in a transparent and compelling way for any potential investor. STOKR will be powered by Ethereum blockchain to create independent access to new capital markets. Through EU-compliant tokenization of securities (also known as STOs), everyday investors can directly fund innovative start-ups and SMEs in return for a share of the venture’s future profits. We focus on…


Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing security tokens (ST). Smartlands Platform is a tech company that connects real economy and blockchain to create new exciting opportunities for companies and investors. On our platform companies can issue low-risk tokens, secured by assets in a real economy.


The KoreProtocol is a specification and protocol for tokenized securities. It is a multi-jurisdictional protocol that has been designed for the protection of investors, issues, and other participants of the private capital markets around the world. KoreTokens support identity validation, verification, suitability, issuance, participation, secondary trading, custodianship, M&A, exits, reporting, and disclosure.


InPortal is your compliant provider for a Security Token Offering for both equity and debt STO issuance with reporting, data room, and ledger smart contract settlement across all asset classes and geographies.


Swarm Fund is the blockchain for private equity. It’s a fully decentralized capital market place that democratizes investing by using the power of the blockchain to open up high-return, alternative investment classes to smaller investors through asset-backed funds using cryptocurrency tokens.


Securitize is heavily invested in the overall security token space and actively partners with exchanges, broker-dealers, custodians of crypto, escrow services, and other financial infrastructure for security tokens.


The token sale platform allows a company to focus on its business concept, marketing, and all the other aspects of an ICO or STO without needing to be concerned with any of the technical challenges.
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CodeChain is a blockchain platform for issuing and trading digital securities and tokenized assets. By enforcing statutes that apply to digital securities at the token-level, it ensures that securities are issued and traded in a regulated manner.  

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