Security Token Funds – The Complete List

Security Token Funds form an essential part of the security token ecosystem by providing (often very early stage) funding and support.


It’s not just about the money, projects should be looking for “smart money”. Funds and investors who open their network, provide guidance and mentorship, and who operate as cornerstone (lead) investors to help bring other investors in.


Here is our curated list of the leading funds that look to underpin the STO ecosystem. Click on each fund for a more detailed analysis.

Funds Who Have Invested In STO's & Related Projects

Security Token News & Analysis

Ultimate Security Token Guide - The Full Series


Should you Launch an STO?

Building upon the foundations and lessons learnt from token sales, this article introduces Security Token Offerings and whether you should launch one.


From ICO to STO

Sadly most ICO’s have been scams or failures, most have questionable business models, and they are a thorn in the side of regulators. STO’s could deliver the true promise of blockchain.


Equity Evolution or Revolution

Security tokens promise a financial revolution. Bringing lower fees, faster deal execution, free market exposure, larger global investor base, increased liquidity, automated services, cross border, and micro-ownership


Security Tokens Coming Of Age

ICO’s laid the foundations for decentralized crowdfunding, however have faced many challenges. Whilst STO’s are regulator friendly, we explain what needs to be done.


The Security Token Ecosystem

An introduction to the Security Token key players players. From; jurisdictions, regulators, token issuers, blockchain protocols, exchanges, influencers, wallet providers, to marketing agencies.


Security Tokens, The Story So Far

From Bitcoin and blockchain to ICO’s. Understand Security Token Offerings (STO), how tokenized assets are evolving, and the potential to drive the next great financial innovation.