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Security Token FAQ

STO Definition

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are backed by market sentiment. Security tokens are underpinned by real assets, such as equity in a company or even people.


ICO utility tokens are often a square peg in a round hole, threatened by regulation and volatile markets. Security tokens are linked to business fundamentals and established legal frameworks.

Trillion Dollar Potential

Tokenization unlocks opportunities for every investor by giving ownership of companies of all sizes, from mom and pop businesses, to silicon valley startups.

Security Token 101

Security Tokens, The Story So Far

From Bitcoin and blockchain to ICO’s. Understand Security Token Offerings (STO), how tokenized assets are evolving, and the potential to drive the next great financial innovation.

The Security Token Ecosystem

An introduction to the Security Token key players players. From; jurisdictions, regulators, token issuers, blockchain protocols, exchanges, influencers, wallet providers, to marketing agencies.

Security Tokens Coming Of Age

ICO’s laid the foundations for decentralized crowdfunding, however have faced many challenges. Whilst STO’s are regulator friendly, we explain what needs to be done.

Equity Evolution or Revolution

Security tokens promise a financial revolution. Bringing lower fees, faster deal execution, free market exposure, larger global investor base, increased liquidity, automated services, cross border, and micro-ownership

From ICO to STO

Sadly most ICO’s have been scams or failures, most have questionable business models, and they are a thorn in the side of regulators. STO’s could deliver the true promise of blockchain.

Should you Launch an STO?

Building upon the foundations and lessons learnt from token sales, this article introduces Security Token Offerings and whether you should launch one.

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Growth Hacking

Many channels do not perform work, and there is rarely a silver-bullet solution. STN will help you formulate a data driven strategy and select the best partners. We’ve taken crypto projects and startups from zero to hero.

Token Economics

Should you do an STO or equity raise? How does the token apply to your business model? Will you list on an exchange and what about liquidity? How do you encourage early investors and also protect your token price? How much will it all cost?

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