Security Token Network Merges With CoinLaw, The World’s Largest Network Of Blockchain Lawyers

Hong Kong, 13th February 2019. Coinlaw and Security Token Network (STN) today announced that they have merged both companies to promote and deliver legally compliant security token and blockchain services.

CEO of the new company, Richard Foster, commented
The biggest challenge the security token industry faces is the lack of understanding among teams, and how to approach the legal structuring of their projects. Many clients asked STN in the past whether we could provide legal guidance, and whilst we were able to recommend a few select local partners, we did not have a global reach or the decades of experience that is required. This merger gives us confidence that the strategic business decisions our clients makein the future are legally sound.

From Coinlaw, the team is led by Hong Kong based corporate lawyers and entrepreneurs Bertrand Theaud and Matthieu Bonnici. Both have been active in the Asia blockchain sphere since 2016, advising multiple teams on the do’s and don’ts to ensure their projects be fully compliant, not only from the security laws perspective but also in respect of all other legal fields relevant to blockchain (as typically data privacy).

From STN, Shanghai based Brooks Rao comes from venture capital fund SOSV, the $500m US fund that invested in and accelerated BitMex. 
London based Richard Foster bring a decade of technical experience from financial services and investment banking, has founded and raised VC funding for three startups, and has been active in the blockchain scene since 2015.

Managing Director of Coinlaw, Bertrand Theaud commented
The challenges and strengths of both teams were perfectly aligned. Coinlaw brings in-depth legal experience and a global network of blockchain lawyers, and STN brings entrepreneurial drive, a strong ability to execute, and access to the rapidly expanding new world of security tokenization.

The new Hong Kong based venture capital backed company Token Ventures Ltd will continue to operate the Security Token Network and Coinlaw brands. Over the coming months new service and product lines, and partnerships will be announced to benefit the security token industry.


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